Town of Batavia Fire Department History After a disastrous fire on Bank Street Road without any responding fire apparatus, Leo Dorman decided it was time the Town of Batavia had its own fire company. Under the leadership of Leo Dorman and Jack Holt the formation of the company took shape.


On March 30, 1948, the first meeting of the new company was held.The proposed by-laws were read and adopted. Jack Holt was elected temporary chairman and the following people were elected to serve as the first officers.

  • President- Warren Hawley
  • Vice President- Leo Geitner
  • Secretary- David Patterson
  • Treasurer- Earl Dorman
  • Chief- Jack Ahl Captain- David Barrett
  • Lieutenant- Lester Dunham
  • Directors- 2 years: Leo Dorman, Jack Holt
  • Directors 1 year: James Dunham, Bert Harloff, Donald Weller
  • Historian- W.P.K. White

At the second meeting April 27, 1948 eighty-three members attended. At this meeting the first truck was purchased and it was voted to incorporate the Department. Until the original Station No. 1 was built in 1951, the meetings were held in the town board rooms and the truck was kept in the town garage. The departments first tanker was purchased in January of 1949. Over the years more land was purchased and additions were built. Station #2 was erected on its current site on Clinton St. Rd. in 1978. The current station #1 on Lewiston Rd. was built in 1990 and the original station #1 was converted to the recreation hall in shortly after.

The growth and development of a modern, professional fire department requires constant attention to the needs of the community. Many different apparatus have been used since the departments inception. Over the years the most common purchase was for adding to or replacing the department pumpers. These trucks are the main fire suppression apparatus and serve as the workhorses of the department. The more recent apparatus purchases reflect the changing demands of the fire service today. In 1995, due to the increasing commercial growth in the town, it was decided that an aerial platform or ‘ladder’ truck was needed to adequately protect the district. The most recent acquisition was a 2002 Heavy Rescue truck that is used to respond to the ever increasing number of motor vehicle accidents and other rescue calls and also in fire support roles.

The largest contribution to the development of the department has always been the commitment and dedication of the men and women who volunteer their time and expertise for the protection of the community. This holds true today, and the Town of Batavia Fire Department is forever grateful to the members that have served before us, committed to supporting the current membership, and always looking for new people who are interested in helping to carry the department into the future.