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Qualifications to become a probationary firefighter with the Town of Batavia Fire Department.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for probationary membership.
  • You must posses a valid New York State driver’s license and have a reliable means of transportation to respond to the fire station.
  • You must reside within ½ mile of the fire district boundaries or within the City of Batavia.
  • You must be a citizen of the United States.
  • You must have no previous felony convictions.
  • If an applicant is rejected for membership, he/she may reapply. If the second application is rejected he/she may not re-apply for membership for at least one year.
  • Minimum requirements for probationary firefighters.
  • New members will be considered on probation for a period of one year.
  • New members must obtain NYS Firefighter 1 or equivalent or Scene Support status within the one year probationary period. (These courses are designed to be an introduction to firefighting and incident scene operations).
  • Expected to attend a minimum of 12 training nights and 12 maintenance night per year. Although some sessions may be on weekends they are typically held on Monday night’s lasting approximately 2 hours.
  • Must attend all mandatory OSHA training.
  • Must attend ½ of the monthly meeting unless excused by an officer. (6 meetings per year)
    Expected to attend 20% of the total calls per year. (Approximately 80 calls)

Failure to complete these minimum requirements can result in termination of membership.
The interview and voting process for prospective probationary firefighters. The application for membership will be read the first time at the next general business meeting after the application is received.

Once the application has been received, and all the criminal history information is received, the applicant will be interviewed by the Chief and Board of directors of the department. The Chief and Board of Directors will make its recommendation to the general membership for acceptance or denial, at the general business meeting following the interview. A majority vote of the membership will decide acceptance or denial of the candidate for membership in the Fire Company. If the candidate is accepted, the candidate will be notified of when and where to report for a physical examination. If the candidate passes the physical examination the candidate will be notified when to report to the Chief for orientation and to receive equipment. If the candidate fails the physical examination the candidate will be denied membership.

Any questions regarding the application process should be referred to the Chief at 344-3284 ext.10 Applications and membership information.